Not Just A Shirt... A Movement.

Not Just A Shirt, A Movement.

Blessed Up Threads is a queer, woman of color owned small business that was created on my personal principles of authenticity, abundance, freedom & expression. I created this project and business at a very low time in my life. I found myself in a place of deep unfufillment, depression, and fear, so I began to ask questions on how I can create the life I desire in a way that aligns with my truth. I've always been a big believer in possibility and the endless paths we can take. One day in April 2019, I got the vision and Blessed Up Threads was born. 

I'm a huge stand for the power of authentic expression, sharing and connection. We all have wounds and traumas that has occurred in our lives. All of us. The last thing we need is shame to feel the way we feel. In our modern society, vulnerability is often seen as weak and negative. My highest intention is to change that. Vulnerability is powerful. Vulnerability is courageous. When you purchase an item from me, you're being an activist and spreading a positive message into the world. Every message is received through my heart from a space of deep intuition and intention. These messages are meant to uplift, transform and awaken humanity. Everywhere you go, you are planting seeds. Just witnessing the message can change a persons entire day or life. Even if they don't fully comprehend, the words are now in their subconscious mind, reprograming and transforming their DNA and belief systems. It's revolutionary, consciousness activating activism through (not so) subliminal messages. We are reminding all beings of our right to authenticity, freedom, abundance and vulnerability... one shirt a time.

Coming September 2022: Radical Queer Witches

A prompt and answer style card game with relatable, inclusive themes for the LGBTQI+ & BIPOC community. Fully funded on Kickstarter in May 2022.

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