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Effectively Deprogramming Money Fears: What happens when you experience money trauma.

Artist: Josh Leidolf - @transparentartist A lot of coaches practice and teach mindset work to heal financial and money trauma. Sure there are components of ineffective thinking at play- however, the mindset is only the surface layer of healing financial trauma. If we only focus on changing & redirecting our thoughts, we may feel okay for a little bit, things may feel lighter- but then a trigger comes a long and we tumble down again. The journey to pick ourselves up & get our “mind right” again is exhausting and feels like a never ending battle. What ends up happening is this vicious cycle of feeling empowered, getting triggered & falling back into old patterns... over & over again. And...

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On Processing Emotion & Trauma

By continuing to show up with love & support for yourself when you feel down, you are nurturing the parts of you that need love. These wounds & traumas don't need anger, resistance or rejection- they need someone to show up and tell them "Hello, I see you. I'm listening & you're welcome here." They may scream, they may make your heart race & blood boil, but if you can sit in that discomfort without trying to change the experience but rather being fully present in it... this amazing thing happens. The emotion leaves. 

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