Custom Orders

I am currently taking custom orders!

If you have a garment that you would like me to print on or if you want to purchase something new and send it to me - I can make it happen!

Please email with the following information:

  • Photos of the garment. Please get clear photos of the front and back. I need to make sure that the piece is something I can work with. 
  • The material. I do not work with leather, fur, spandex or anything that is a plastic/rubber/swishy material. The ink will not hold in these materials! I DO love working with satin, silk, polyester/cotton blends and cotton!
  • Your vision for the piece. This could be as detailed as telling me exactly what designs you'd like and where or as allusive as simply sharing what energy you'd like to embody with this piece. I love asking people what they're calling into their lives, so then I can work my magic.
  • Ideal finish date. I can make it happen quickly but I loveee spaciousness.

After receiving this information, I will send a quote back and if all is well, we can chat deeper about details, payment and fulfillment. You will have to pay for shipping of the garment to Portland, Oregon. Your final quote will include the shipping back to you!

Thank you!