Thank you for supporting a small QBIPOC owned business! All items are handmade and take 2-4 weeks to create ♡
Thank you for supporting a small QBIPOC owned business! All items are handmade and take 2-4 weeks to create ♡
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When I say "More than just a shirt, a movement" I truly mean that. Blessed Up Threads isn't just a business or art project, it's real life activism and space holding. When Normalize Vulnerability came to be, I knew it was powerful and meant to birth into something amazing- but I wasn't quite sure what. At the time, I was living in South Florida. A few friends and I had been hosting intimate circles where we would share what was going on for us in life in a safe, supportive and accountable environment. We would gather with intention and always leave feeling lighter, seen and heard. It was such a beautiful experience that I began to question, why doesn't this exist more in the world? 

We all have trauma. Every single one of us. We all have wounds, fears, doubts and insecurities. However, we don't often talk about them. In fact, a lot of us bury them deep inside because we were taught to do that, or because we live in a society that promotes avoidance. One may think that pushing away an emotion makes it go away. What this actually does is quite the opposite. If emotion doesn't have permission to exist or given space to be released, it gets stuck in the body. You may not always see it or feel it, but it stays in the subconscious realm until it flares up and we work to surpress it even further. Because most of us havent been given tools on how to handle our emotions in healthy ways, this often becomes a very confusing, intense cycle that is difficult to break out of. When one cant release what is wounding them, they grow walls and armoring to protect themselves. What that armoring looks like is unique to everyone, but underneath lies a need to feel safe, to feel loved and to feel understood. With these walls up, we cannot full show up in life and receive all it is we are worthy of. And we cannot fully see others.

The mission is to Normalize Vulnerability. I truly believe that if we were all able to feel safe being vulnerable, there would be world peace. Theres a saying that hurt people hurt others. I believe that the people in power who are destroying the planet and hurting others are acting from a place of trauma. It doesn't excuse their behavior, but it allows us to see the bigger picture a bit clearer. We as humans, must learn to honor the power and courage that comes in vulnerability. We must begin to dismantle the oppressive forces and stigma that teach vulnerability as weakness. We must let ourselves cry, feel scared, feel lonely. We must welcome the full spectrum of emotion and quit labeling them as good and bad. All emotions are welcome, because all emotions are okay. We must give ourselves permission to heal and with that, allowing others to see us and support us in our healing. Building community, building trust, building compassion. The vision is to be able to look another in their eyes and see ourselves, see their truth and their strength- and putting our walls down enough to let them do the same. 

Let's Normalize Vulnerability.

This is me, Yasmine (she/her) - the founder & creator of this movement & brand.