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Vulnerability Circles are free bi-weekly circles held in a private location in Portland, Oregon (as of now). I believe everyone should have access to safe, healing spaces. This is a 100% judgement-free safe space with intention to release, recover and connect. Circles are kept at 10 people max to create a sense of security and comfortability. Larger circles are held with notice. I also host circles specifically for LGBTQI+ folk, BIPOC and women. These will also be specified. 

Guidelines when joining*:

  • PRIVACY. No photography/video/recording of the circle or sharing the names or experiences of those within the circle to anyone without consent. Privacy is very important, thats why it's #1.
  • Respect. You are participating in an event that involves vulnerability and sensitive conversation. Do not interrupt someone when they are sharing, do not laugh or create distractions or you'll be asked to leave.
  • Ask before giving advice or feedback. It is important to ask first if a person would like to receive reflection. This guarantees their receptivity as well as your words being fully welcomed.
  • Know your boundaries. While we will always honor your boundaries, we cannot know unless you tell us. Before arriving, take some time to reflect on your limits, your needs and intentions. Do you want coaching or do you just want to be heard? We will ask, but we'd love to hear it from you. 
  • Be open, coachable & self aware. If you choose to receive feedback or coaching, it's important to be willing to "try on" what is said. Does this mean you must accept everything you are told? No. What this does mean is taking time to fully listen to others advice & perspectives without automatically rejecting what is said. It's easy to dismiss things we do not like hearing, but there is often the most wisdom in what we resist. 
  • Arrive on time! The circle starts at 7 and from then on, the space is contained. We want to respect the energy & privacy of others by not entering late. I recommend arriving at 6:45 so you have time to ground and settle.

*These circles are community held. They are not meant to replace professional therapy or counseling. We trust that you will always do what is best for you & your health. 


It's important to recognize that due to the intensity these circles may reach, triggers can arise. A story someone shares may be similar to yours. In those moments, I want to honor whatever you feel is best for you. If you must leave, we will all respect that always. However, I want to invite you in those moments to investigate a little deeper. Triggers are typically a gateway into healing. If we can pause rather than react when we are triggered, it creates a space of curiosity. You can begin to ask questions: Why is this happening? What's really there? What can I learn from this? The reflections of others is such a huge gift to gain more insight in your own life. You have a group of open, compassionate people to support you through anything you need.


While these circles are meant to be a space to release and let go, I also want to make it a priority that there is a sense of direction, action and empowerment when you leave. This is where accountability comes in. It's very easy to mix up responsibility with accountability- however they are very different. Accountability does not mean anything is your fault or you are to blame. Rather it means, you are in charge of your reactions, your healing and your life. Nobody can do the work for you, we can point you in all the directions and provide all the tools but only you can get yourself to where you want to be. Accountable action means knowing what steps you can take towards healing. Accountability means knowing where you can show up more authentic and powerful. Accountability means accepting where you're not showing up and where you have let yourself partake or get stuck in patterns, toxic behavior or victimhood. The goal is to be able to let out all thats inside of you and leave with tools, action steps & even more self-awareness.


We end every circle with a potluck. After an intensive session of emotional release and sharing, our bodies are extra sensitive and need proper nourishment. This potluck is a transition out of a deep space where theres an opportunity for connection, laughter & play. There will always be filtered water and fruit provided. Every circle there will be a theme for the potluck stated in the event page. My biggest request is to make sure what you bring is zero waste, meaning- less plastic/packaging and bringing your own utensils + plates/tupperwear. This potluck is your energy exchange and contribution to the community & this free event so I deeply appreciate participation! However, I do understand that sometimes time is limited and not everyone can contribute a homemade meal, so this is simply a request :). After the circle and potluck, make sure you give yourself lots of water, rest and self care. Gentleness is encouraged. 

There are opportunities to purchase Blessed Up gear & place orders at the end of every circle as well! Thank you all so much for your interest and if you have any questions- don't hesitate to reach out.