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Onyx Crewneck
Onyx Crewneck
Onyx Crewneck

Onyx Crewneck

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All crewnecks are handmade.

Gold font hand printed on a fleece lined black crewneck

Logo printed on the back.

Be Who You Are ~
Simple as that, be who are you are and all that you are. In a world where we are told from all different directions who & how we should be, the best thing we can be is ourselves. To love another for who they are is ultimate acceptance. But first we must love & embody who we are. Self-acceptance brings with it self-love. To accept the self means to look in the mirror and say "Who you are is perfect, imperfections and all. I love and see you exactly for who you are." When one cultivates this self love, they return to completeness and that love radiates to all those around them.

Normalize Vulnerability ~
Vulnerability is part of being human, so why is there so much shame around it? In modern society, vulnerability is seen as weak or negative. Let's transform that. Vulnerability is powerful. To share authentically from our hearts, to express our truth and our creativity is beautiful and admirable. And to fully show up and hold space for someone while they embody their vulnerability is an act of courage. Because when we are vulnerable with each other, we are revealing parts of ourselves we typically bury or hide under layers and walls. Vulnerability is intimate, and intimacy is the doorway to experiencing love and connection. A world where vulnerability is normalized is a world where we can love & accept each other for all that we are.

Authenticity Looks Good on You ~
Nothing makes a person radiant more than their authentic, true expression. When a person is being unapologetically themselves, honoring their deepest callings and self accepting- they glow. They shine. People are drawn to them like magnets & they stand out in any crowd. They attract anything they want with ease, life flows effortlessly. Because authenticity means more than just being yourself. It means alignment, truth, freedom & expression. And honestly, nothing looks better on a person than that.

Deep Healing, Clear Vision & Big Blessings~

Going into 2020, this is the mf'n motto y'all! If it ain't about healing, blessings or powerful visions- I don't wanna give any energy to it. We are elevating at a rapid rate, growing & rising into our greatness. Rising into all that we are meant to be & nothing less! Call in that good juju x100 by rocking this statement shirt. You'll be radiating prosperity, empowerment & success everywhere you go. Spreading the message & helping others rise with you. 

Deprogram Fear & Awaken Love

When it comes to healing the collective, it's important to recognize one thing. We have been programmed into fear. We have been programmed to see only through a particular lense that doesn't quite honor the magical bounty of abundance that is life. We have been asleep. Ignorant to the love and blessings that surround us every dang day! The wonderful thing is that even if we don't see that love, it never leaves our side. It's always been there and it always will be there. We just get to learn how to see & feel it. To do that, we must deprogram the fear thats been instilled inside of us, through family upbringings, society & trauma... and begin to awaken love. It's a choice we get to make every day & just by declaring this mantra, the medicine is on its way to you.

Keep Thriving

Yes babe, I see you! Thriving & rising in all that you do! You're not letting anything stop you and when you fall, you pick yourself back up. You're doing the work to level up and heal within & without. Your ancestors are standing with you. Your guides are cheering you on. You are immensely loved. Keep thriving sweet ones.


Melanated And Elevated

We are reclaiming our skin, our heritage, our ingenuity & our land. The people are rising, it's clear as can be, and the more we reclaim our identities, we elevate. Our ancestral wisdom channels through, our struggles fuel the change we desire to create. This shirt is a calling for all melanated humans to rejoice in the abundant blessing that it is to be indigenous, to be brown, and to be black. We are melanated. and mf proud.