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Blooming Workwear Jacket

Blooming Workwear Jacket

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Insulated or Unlined

The process of creating this jacket was a challenge. I knew I wanted to make a workwear jacket but I had no idea what I wanted to design on it. I sat in front of my computer for hours, I stared at the blank jacket hanging on my wall for weeks and nothing was coming to me. I took space, focused on a few other projects, and allowed myself to rest. Slowly and eventually, I had an idea at the most unexpected time - while I was getting ready to fall asleep one night.

"Blooming, no force needed, all in my own timing". 

After I finished the jacket, it came to me how reflective the meaning behind these words was in the process of creating the jacket. We cannot force our blooming, we cannot rush it or hurry to get to the destination. In a world where we are surrounded by the pressure of productivity, capitalism, and success - it's far too easy to feel like we are behind and need to "catch up" to reach this ideal destination. Growth takes time. Healing takes time. And there is no exact timeline of how it's done. It is not linear. It is a radical act of self-care to go against the systems that have ingrained in us that we need to be different than how we are and that we need to move at a certain speed.

Where you're at is in perfect timing.

How you're growing is in perfect timing.

The way you're healing is in perfect timing.

Give yourself space. Bloom at your own speed. Trust you will get there. This jacket is a symbol of reclaiming that for ourselves.

Design Description:

Sleeves: Sun, sparkle, monstera leaf print

Front: "Normalize Vulnerability", leaf print, sparkle, mushroom, "the best thing we can do for ourselves is to break through the feelings of shame and fear by asking for what we want and need. from relationships, from work, from life. nothing is too much unless we believe it to be. the more honest we are with ourselves and what's important, the more our reality begins to match those feelings. the things that are meant for us will meet us, and whatever leaves is meant to. we deserve big, we deserve abundant, we deserve it all. ask for more."

Back: Gold flower print with sparkles. Blooming /ˈblo͞omiNG/ adjective. 1) no force needed. 2) all in my own timing.

Made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for production!

Available in black or green in unlined or insulated Dickies Eisenhower Jacket.

Size Chart:

NECK 14 1/2 15 1/2 16 1/2 17 1/2 18 1/2 19 1/2 20 1/2 21 1/2
SLEEVE LENGTH 32 1/4 33 1/2 34 1/4 35 35 3/4 36 1/2 37 37 1/2
CHEST 34-37 38-41 42-45 46-49 50-53 54-57 58-60 61-63
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